Hi, I’m Johnny.

I’m a multi-disciplined software and operations engineer with two decades of experience spanning various client, server and cloud infrastructure technologies.

About Me

My interest in technology grew from assembling my first computer by salvaging others for parts at a young age. Not content with just assembly, I jumped into software engineering and have never regretted it. I love programming, tinkering with hardware and finding fun ways to teach my kids how to code.

Although I have called the U.S. home for many years now, I am a native of a beautiful island country in the Caribbean called Haiti.

My Work

I am thankful to have accomplished a number of meaningful things during my professional career so far, including:

  • Built a Boston-based digital agency, MAARK
  • Educated the next generation of software developers at Launch Academy
  • Served on the Board of Directors at a non-profit, Haiti School Project
  • Architected a technology product at RBM Technologies in Boston, MA
  • Led the development of the backend infrastructure for the popular Pavlok device and built the API to facilitate integration with services likes of IFTTT
  • Brought Enterprise-grade time series database and cluster management solutions to market at InfluxData
  • Building microservices and leveraging cloud infrastructures to further the mission of The Achievement Network
My Community Involvement

Aligned with my passions is the active role I try to play within the developer community by helping to lead organizations, organize events, hackathons and conferences, including:

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